Let’s Get Started!

Tutoring as an amenity in your community!

Are you an apartment complex leasing agent? Or HOA or a community patron?  Have tutoring as an amenity at your common space or clubhouse for your neighborhood residents!

Register to host & poll community

Create a learning environment & integrate technology

Meet the teacher(s) online or in-person

Interested in Hosting? Register to host

Begin by registering on axisedu.org as a host. The registration process will get information from you and one of our specialists will reach out to you shortly thereafter. Next, we would engage the community via a poll to realize the educational needs of the residents.

Create a learning environment

An appropriate environment is essential to learning. Thus, as hosts, it is compulsory to dedicate an entire room for lessons and ensure the technologies are in sync to ensure learning and teaching are effective.

For online learning, AxisEDU will provide the appropriate laptops and projectors as needed. In the past, we projected onto the TV in clubhouses.

Meet the teacher - Virtual / In-Person

After realizing the community needs, AxisEDU will get you in touch with an experienced educator in your area. As the host, you and the teacher get to decide on a meeting date before classes begin. The patrons of the community and the teacher can decide on a test-run day and commence classes accordingly.

All community members taking part in the program will need to create an account on AxisEDU for communication, scheduling and billing purposes.